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spin_not_spun's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

Do you have the time to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once?
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[29 Apr 2006|06:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Let's recap, shall we?

I visited Ellie in the hospital when Marco told me about her being in there. Apparently he broke her out for pizza? Man, she must love pizza more than me. I'm glad I visited though, it kind of broke the awkward silence. But hopefully I cheered her up or something to that effect. Being surrounded in white walls all day with nothing to watch but soap operas could make someone crazy.

We also went to the Dot so she could get some real food in her stomach instead of that hospital stuff once she got out.

Paige and I keep missing each other with our busy schedules. That's gotten to be a little annoying, but I know I'll see her this weekend for sure since she's throwing that party of hers. Everyone has to come, it's bound to be the best party of the year. Hope to see you all there!


[20 Apr 2006|09:17pm]
[ mood | weird ]

This week was completely different than last week. It's weird how things change so fast. There's new stuff happening all the time.

I've been actually trying to study lately, since exams are getting near, and I would like to graduate. Too bad I have no idea what I'm going to do after graduation. I applied to a few schools, but haven't heard anything back yet.

Work has winded down a bit. Saw Marco and Ellie while I was on one of my shifts, so I visited with them for a while. That's one of the perks from working at the Dot for so long, people don't give me crap for taking extended breaks. And I guess Dylan and Marco are never making a comeback.

And if you haven't heard by now, Paige and I have. I really hope I didn't make a bad decision on this one. So that's my good news. I went over there a few days ago, and since the weather was so nice, we went swimming in her pool. Still the only person I know with a swimming pool in their back yard. And Paige, Craig and I think you should have a pool party. Spring/Pre-Summer occasion? Who needs an occasion to have a party though, really?

Other good news, tomorrow's Friday! But yeah, you already knew that one.

And because I didn't tell Ellie, we got into this huge fight. I haven't faught so badly with someone for months. It was horrible, I really don't know what to expect now after that. She said something interesting though. "If Seth and I got back together, I would tell you." Obviously, I am an idiot because I thought they were together. We were fighting like we'd just broken up.


[09 Apr 2006|04:58pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So this week... not so fun. I worked pretty much 24/7, or at least it felt that way. As soon as I got home, I crashed. I feel ike an old man or something. Yeah, real attractive.

I'm happy it's the weekend though, kicking back and relazing. Sleeing in and naps. Watching cartoons... Too bad it's back to school tomorrow. Maybe I'll take the day off. Make this weekend a 3 day one. I don't even have to work tomorrow. So tempting...

To help keep me awake, Paige and I went to Tim Horton's. I got a large triple triple, that helped out a little. We were supposed to rent some DVDs and watch them over her place, but she got sucked into quality family time. So we'll have to make up for that.

i'm kind of nervous though. Craig told me she still had a thing for me. I didn't believe him at first, but after hanging out with her lately, I picked up a vibe. Craig says it's more than just some crush, which isn't so comforting. And it's sad to say that i'm still not completely over Ellie. But I do respect her enough to let her try and figure out whatever it is she's doing, even when I don't even know what that is. Doing anything else isn't going to get me very far.

I wish I could talk to Marco about all of this... I mean, it's not like I'm not attracted to Paige. I did go out with her for more than just a month or two. I guess I will just have to roll with the punches.

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[02 Apr 2006|09:19pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i can't really say i remembered what i did last week.

i know i went to the dot with paige, for some coffee. we hung out, and talked. the normal thing. we're also making a little senior trip of our own. we've planned on going to florida. i've always wanted to go there. disney world, beaches, how can you go wrong with that? craig's thinking about going, too. i mean, would you rather go on degrassi's lame senior trip for camping or go to sunny florida? pine trees, or palm trees? c'mon, seriously.

i also remember going over craig's, and hanging out in the garage. just catching up, stuff like that. he was messing with his guitar as always. you've got some crazy ideas, man.

i went and visited ellie at work yesterday for a while. even got the hook up on ice cream, too bad it was my first and last. i was downtown, doing some shopping for my mom's birthday, which is next weekend. a while later, after she got off work, we met up at the dot and had some chili cheese fries.

now i'm just finishing up some hw before i fall asleep....


not a whole lot [25 Mar 2006|11:08pm]
[ mood | awake ]

haven't been up to much lately. just the normal. things have been more laid back lately.

did have to take care of a baby for a week. virtual baby that is, paige was my partner. when i went to go pick the baby up for my half, she looked a little discheveled (SAT word). i mean, she was in sweats. even while we were together, i don't remember her ever wearing sweats around me.

went out for pizza today with marco. just caught up pretty much since we haven't seen each other for a while. since he was grounded and all. i told him what happened when we went out for dinner. and he told me that his parents think that he got ellie pregnant.

other than that, it's been the same boring stuff.

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[20 Mar 2006|02:31pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

as one friend appears another dissappears. marco, what's the deal?

school and work is mostly what consisted of my week last week.

i talked to manny about the idea of me going to university. i didn't think it was really a possibility, but after talking to her i've started looking at a few i'm interested in. kudos to manny.

caught up with craig. we've got some interesting theories in the mix. the ones concerning me however, didn't turn out to be true. but i'm glad yours worked out.

hung out with paige, went to the carnival that was in town. i won her the coolest prize probably ever in the history of carnivals - a honeybee. haha, how awesome is that? we also rode in bumper cars. you think she's a crazy driver now, wait til you're actually encouraged to hit people with cars. rode the ferris wheel too. maybe that wasn't the best idea. totally awkward. when it stopped, we were at the top. i almost thought she was going to make a move. it seemed like the ride was never going to start again. not like she's not gorgeous or anything. but i'm just not interested. after we rode some rides, we ate classic carnival food. it was funnel cakes for me. i just love the smell of them, it makes me happy.

took ellie out to a dinner that was never eaten. i decided i was going to do something nice for her, other than just ordering pizza or chinese food like we usually do. it was going good, we even dressed up and everything. i thought the that the timing was right and i began to tell her that i care for her. which was the whole reason i planned this whole thing, but the words "we can't be anything more than friends." i guess it's a good think that i didn't tell her how much i care for her.
it's not like there was just one kiss to never be thought of again. it happened more than once, but i guess it meant nothing to her.
she practically ran to the door. it's good to know i can ruin something that fast, before the food even came out. pathetic.
and then she tells me not to be mad at her. and that she has to try and work things out with seth. that "i wouldn't understand." i don't think i've ever felt so stupid. god, just thinking about it again makes me upset. not upset, but frustrated.
seth? seriously? the guy can't even call you back after like what, 3 weeks? and he's 19? supposed to be the mature one. i've been watching over you the past weeks, i mean, i'm not making it up, you even thanked me for it.

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good week [11 Mar 2006|07:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

i managed to work a lot while hanging out with people this week. happy balance of both.

caught up with marco. we need to hang out! me going over and you helping me with kwan's homework doesn't count.

went bowling with paige at the end of the week. it was a lot of fun. i'm surprised she even agreed to it actually, she hates the shoes. mrs. michalchuk misses me too i guess? always nice to hear. it was a close game actually, not that we're any good or anything. but i did manage to get one strike, nothing to brag about considering the time before i think i only knocked 3 pins down.

me and ellie were supposed to go out for pizza last night, but by the time i got to her house, i found her fast asleep on the sofa. i felt bad for waking her up. we ended up just ordering in and eating at her place. watching a tv edited version of clerks.

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what the hell just happened? [05 Mar 2006|12:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

who knew sledding could complicate things so much?
i kissed her. she kissed me back. i'm still surprised i did it. but then again, i'm not. because i've been holding myself back from kissing her before.
all on the day that seth magically appeared again.
her and seth are done. it's pretty much my fault. he hates me. i don't blame him.
i don't know if she hates him. i don't blame her if she does.
she doesn't seem to hate me. i don't know why. must mean i'm doing something right.

i really need to talk to marco.

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[26 Feb 2006|07:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

last week was good. low stress, just taking it easy sort of week. those are the best kind i think.

i just got back from work not too long ago. sundays are pretty slow, which is usually good for other jobs, but not so hot when your income relies mainly on tips.

speaking of work, ellie visited me at the dot. so that was nice seeing a familiar face. other than the grade 10's that is, didn't see them this week. maybe they've stopped stalking me? i'd ask kendra about them, but if she didn't put them up to it, i don't want to give in to her.
but yeah, ellie stopped by for a bit. fixed her up an oreo milkshake. they're good, are they not?

then this weekend, marco, ellie and i went and saw the new final destination movie. haha, you guys should have seen marco. anything will scare him. i think he saw a total of 10 minutes of the movie (he was probably just checking out ryan merriman). he was covering his eyes or turning and looking down most of the movie. i think me and ellie got him to jump a few times. it was a good movie though, anyone that actually saw it would agree. marco wanted to do something after, but i was too tired to do something, so i dropped him and ellie off. i actually stayed over ellie's house that night, it wasn't a big deal or anything. i was just tired and crashed there.

and ellie and i went to the china bowl (you know, the local chinese place on federal), last night for dinner. she was going to order in, but no one delivers in her area. best sesame chicken in town. it's nice though, you guys should check it out if you've never been. my family goes there a lot.

homework calls...

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[20 Feb 2006|05:30pm]
[ mood | confused ]

hey, guess what everybody? i finally met seth. i was really nervous at first, but he was really nice and sweet.
no, i did meet him though. he mentioned something about tattooing a steak on a fat man. yummy.

those grade 10's came to visit me at the dot again yesterday. they ask for a lot of refills. and along with getting a tip from them, they also wrote down their numbers. aw, how sweet.
i figured out that they're kendra's friends. oh god, how creepy is that? they're probably been in my house. i hope not my room. yikes.
ellie thinks that maybe kendra put them up to this. if that's true, it's been a while now. she must be a dedicated little sister to be up to it.

ran into ellie after school today. it was... different than our normal hang outs. we grabbed a quick bite at the dot before going home. and i'll leave it at that. leaving out the fact that she told me she thinks she's pregnant and that she was in tears near the end and all the way home. oh yeah, and that seth supposedly is mad at her now and hasn't talked to her since. but yeah, that's all.

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[15 Feb 2006|07:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

let's see

so school, work, blah blah.

hung out with ellie and marco during the weekend. we went out for a slice of pizza. well, more like several slices, but you know. we got the weirdest waitress though. she had a southern accent, and kept saying stuff like "ya'll" and other horrible slang that people shouldn't say. Marco thinks she was from texas. i was just surprised they weren't wearing a cowboy hat and boots. but when the pizza came out, ellie got sick. she wasn't doing so great to begin with, so i felt pretty bad. i got my pizza in a box and decided to take her home so she could feel better. cold pizza's always good anyway.

then yesterday was a weird valentines day. i got a few valentines. from those grade 10 girls. hello kitty, winnie the pooh, and my little pony. weird. really weird. i don't know whether to be flattered or creeped out. anyway, after the weirdness, i went over ellie's. brought her some homemade cookies (made by my mom) and she made me a handmade valentine. old school right there. that's the way to go, a lot better than the others i got. but yeah, we just hung out. she seemed a little down, so hopefully i helped cheer her up.

well, my dad's yelling for me to get off this thing. he's so nice. see you guys later.

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A-OK [06 Feb 2006|03:18pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Last week went by pretty good. It was a little long, but I guess they all can't be fast.

I've been talking to Ellie a lot lately. She wanted me to over Seth's so we could play video games together. Have sort of a mini video game party. I couldn't end up going though. So I still haven't met Seth. How ridiculous is that? I've never had such bad timing. I guess it's good that I didn't go though, because I guess they got into a little fight. That would have been a bit awkward.

I also had a good week at work. I got a lot of good hours in. And I guess I sort of have a fan club now? These 3 grade 10 girls keep coming to the Dot, and asking for me to be their server. It's pretty weird. They leave good tips though, ha ha.

I didn't get to talk to Manny that much this week though, so what do you say to another trip to the mall?

Speaking of hanging out, me and Marco are supposd to go for pizza soon too, so let me know what day's good for you.

my favorite white ninja comicCollapse )


keep cool my babies, keep cool [27 Jan 2006|03:50pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well, i'd have to say that this week went by pretty fast and was pretty good. better than i had expected.

i still had homework and work, but the homework didn't take so long. (well - the homework i did anyway.) and work, well i got some decent hours and pretty good tips. which is all you can hope for really. but with the year half over, it's got me thinking, what am i going to do after i graduate? i mean, sure i can keep working at the dot, i'd be manager and everything, but do i really want to do that? do i even want to stay here? who knows. i hope i find out soon enough though.

manny and i took a trip to the mall the other day. i got some pretty cool outfits. stuff i would have never gotten if she hadn't gone with me. and i found the perfect shirt for me too. i think the next time i go shopping, she has to come again. it would be a shame to waste all that fashion expertise.

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i think i'm turning into a nerd [19 Jan 2006|07:45pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

i really think so. i had kendra show me all i can do with my ipod and itunes. and turns out, it's a hell of a whole lot. i didn't even know what a podcast was last week and here i am downloading them now. they have some pretty cool ones too. espn and comedy ones even. and they have conan o'brien too for video. how awesome!

so yeah, kendra's rubbing off on me. so i gotta get out of this house soon. as long as i never watch anime. the thought of it makes me shudder.

i haven't really worked too much this week. had a birthday group yesterday though. so i made bank off of them, even though they were really loud and annoying. i'm gonna go to zumiez and get some new clothes from my well earned hours of hard work. if anyone wants to take a trip to the mall with me, you're more than welcome to come with.

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[07 Jan 2006|05:19pm]
no one ever told me that this ipod would take over my life. it's pretty intimidating really. gotta live up to the potential. i'm not too tech savy. so... i made kendra teach me the ways.

kendra also got a guinea pig for christmas. weird gift right? and the reason why she wanted a guinea pig is even weirder. because there's this guinea pig in a anime show she watches.

hm, well, i was talking to manny a few days ago, and she was feeling sick. so the nice guy that i am, i offer to take over some soup for her. problem is, we kinda didn't have any tupperware to bring it in. so i brought the soup over, then cooked it. when i got there she was wrapped in a blanket on the couch and she looks great even when she's sick. manny said the soup was really good, but then i had a taste. yeah, i'm a bad cooker and she's a bad liar.

hmmm, i'm gonna go see hostle tonight. i love quintin tarentino! i hope it's good.
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beep [01 Jan 2006|09:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so this is the new year. hm, when i think about it. a lot's going to change this year. finally graduating. going on to bigger and better things (i hope). actually having to be responsible. yikes. let's not read too much into that though.

so christmas was good. went over to my grandma's during the day and evening. lots of family. she cooked up the annual x-mas feast. ham, turkey, christmas cookies. let me tell you, it was delicious. know what made x-mas more delicious? i got a video ipod. yeah, that's right. you all can be officially jealous of me. i've got it set up for my pod casts and i already have some movies on there. just music videos, but i plan on getting conan o'brien on that gorgeous piece of technology. i dub it my child. know what else is cool? my parents got it inscribed with my name on the back.

but enough of that, you guys can be jealous of me later on too.
i decided to get something to eat with ash before she flys back to merry ol england. where she sweeps her chimmineys and drinks tea 10 times a day. we got some grilled cheese sammiches. at the dot of course. pretty good. and i'm not just saying that because i work there.

i have... to do some last minute reading, before school tomorrow.

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[16 Dec 2005|11:11am]
[ mood | hungry ]

don't you just love MI updates? I guess Mr. Simpson's in the holiday mood, because he gave us free time today. and we're watching war of the worlds too. fancy. this movie's pretty intense. well the part that freaks me out the most is when everyone's trying to get into the van.

but on to real stuff. so what's been going on in my life? not much. work and school and hanging out. normal teenage thing. actually manny came over a few days ago, got the fire going, that sort of thing. we even roasted some marshmallows. it's a tradition at my house, but i guess she's never done it before. she also kissed me. it was pretty shocking, i wasn't expecting it. but it wasn't bad either. i mean, it was good. well it's just sort of got me thinking about it. about us. if there is and us, will be. it's just got me thinking.

i've also been x-mas shopping. so i've been saving up my money from work to do that. i'm pretty much done, i only have one more gift to buy for manny. i got kendra some anime dvds, bought my mom a few sweaters, and my dad these shoes he's been wanting.

that's all for now.

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MI Update [07 Dec 2005|12:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Man, i've been so busy lately, that this is the only way i can update my journal. luckily, the bell doesn't ring for a while. With work and school and having a social life, this whole "LJ" thing might take more concentration than i thought.

i've been working non-stop. winter is actually one of the busiest seasons at the dot. our expresso machine is always running, and all the kids always get hot cocoa. aparently we're having a few different types of cocoa for the holiday season. so come on by and try one, or all of them out. candy cane, mexican hot chocolate (with a pinch of cinnamon), and white hot chocolate. ok, enough advertising. what's bad about the holiday season at the dot is contantly going around, refilling coffee and them sometimes spilling it on me. specially those kids and that hot cocoa. craig, you better watch ang.

School sucks. what's new? kwan's giving us a book a month to read. not so bad, but they're like 400 pages. luckily, i have a good study buddy named sparknotes.com. it's a weird name yeah, but i'm going to pass and that's all that matters.

Manny and I are going ice skating soon. so we'll see how that goes. hopefully i won't get bruised or sore, because i know i'm going to fall a lot.

and i'm supposed to meet up with seth. hang out. do something. still need to talk to him about that.

if i'm off of work some time this week, someone should give me a call and we'll go hang out.

bell's going to riiiing!

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allow me to intoduce myself [27 Nov 2005|04:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i'm spinner mason, as if you didn't know. my real name is gavin, but if you want to be on my good side, just stick to spinner. i go to DCS, blah blah blah. i'm not a big fan of school. the only reason i go is because of friends, and of course -- the ladies. i also just turned 18, my b-day's in late october, just for next year to let you know. i also have a little sister, kendra mason. chances are, you probably don't know her. but if you do, don't mess with her. because if you do, you mess with me. and no one wants that. kapish? if there's a nerd to pick on, let it be toby.

if you ever want to get a hold of me, my sn is spin not spun, so feel free to talk to me on aim.

what else should you know about me? i play the drums. i also dabble in skateboarding and i work at the infamous dot. the most popular hangout spot (no pun intended) for fellow DCSers. but just because you know who i am, doesn't mean i'm going to let you get a discount. i'm not a pushover.

moving on to other stuff, even though my favorite topic is me, it's the holiday season.
this weekend while driving around, i couldn't help but notice how many people have their lights up. and it's not just the skimpy isicles either, it's like a real-life gingerbread house. it's pretty insane how much some people get into the holiday season, but it's not a bad thing. x-mas is my favorite holiday too. now i just have to figure out the perfect gift for family and friends.

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