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i think i'm turning into a nerd

i really think so. i had kendra show me all i can do with my ipod and itunes. and turns out, it's a hell of a whole lot. i didn't even know what a podcast was last week and here i am downloading them now. they have some pretty cool ones too. espn and comedy ones even. and they have conan o'brien too for video. how awesome!

so yeah, kendra's rubbing off on me. so i gotta get out of this house soon. as long as i never watch anime. the thought of it makes me shudder.

i haven't really worked too much this week. had a birthday group yesterday though. so i made bank off of them, even though they were really loud and annoying. i'm gonna go to zumiez and get some new clothes from my well earned hours of hard work. if anyone wants to take a trip to the mall with me, you're more than welcome to come with.
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