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keep cool my babies, keep cool

well, i'd have to say that this week went by pretty fast and was pretty good. better than i had expected.

i still had homework and work, but the homework didn't take so long. (well - the homework i did anyway.) and work, well i got some decent hours and pretty good tips. which is all you can hope for really. but with the year half over, it's got me thinking, what am i going to do after i graduate? i mean, sure i can keep working at the dot, i'd be manager and everything, but do i really want to do that? do i even want to stay here? who knows. i hope i find out soon enough though.

manny and i took a trip to the mall the other day. i got some pretty cool outfits. stuff i would have never gotten if she hadn't gone with me. and i found the perfect shirt for me too. i think the next time i go shopping, she has to come again. it would be a shame to waste all that fashion expertise.
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