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hey, guess what everybody? i finally met seth. i was really nervous at first, but he was really nice and sweet.
no, i did meet him though. he mentioned something about tattooing a steak on a fat man. yummy.

those grade 10's came to visit me at the dot again yesterday. they ask for a lot of refills. and along with getting a tip from them, they also wrote down their numbers. aw, how sweet.
i figured out that they're kendra's friends. oh god, how creepy is that? they're probably been in my house. i hope not my room. yikes.
ellie thinks that maybe kendra put them up to this. if that's true, it's been a while now. she must be a dedicated little sister to be up to it.

ran into ellie after school today. it was... different than our normal hang outs. we grabbed a quick bite at the dot before going home. and i'll leave it at that. leaving out the fact that she told me she thinks she's pregnant and that she was in tears near the end and all the way home. oh yeah, and that seth supposedly is mad at her now and hasn't talked to her since. but yeah, that's all.
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