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allow me to intoduce myself

i'm spinner mason, as if you didn't know. my real name is gavin, but if you want to be on my good side, just stick to spinner. i go to DCS, blah blah blah. i'm not a big fan of school. the only reason i go is because of friends, and of course -- the ladies. i also just turned 18, my b-day's in late october, just for next year to let you know. i also have a little sister, kendra mason. chances are, you probably don't know her. but if you do, don't mess with her. because if you do, you mess with me. and no one wants that. kapish? if there's a nerd to pick on, let it be toby.

if you ever want to get a hold of me, my sn is spin not spun, so feel free to talk to me on aim.

what else should you know about me? i play the drums. i also dabble in skateboarding and i work at the infamous dot. the most popular hangout spot (no pun intended) for fellow DCSers. but just because you know who i am, doesn't mean i'm going to let you get a discount. i'm not a pushover.

moving on to other stuff, even though my favorite topic is me, it's the holiday season.
this weekend while driving around, i couldn't help but notice how many people have their lights up. and it's not just the skimpy isicles either, it's like a real-life gingerbread house. it's pretty insane how much some people get into the holiday season, but it's not a bad thing. x-mas is my favorite holiday too. now i just have to figure out the perfect gift for family and friends.
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