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good week

i managed to work a lot while hanging out with people this week. happy balance of both.

caught up with marco. we need to hang out! me going over and you helping me with kwan's homework doesn't count.

went bowling with paige at the end of the week. it was a lot of fun. i'm surprised she even agreed to it actually, she hates the shoes. mrs. michalchuk misses me too i guess? always nice to hear. it was a close game actually, not that we're any good or anything. but i did manage to get one strike, nothing to brag about considering the time before i think i only knocked 3 pins down.

me and ellie were supposed to go out for pizza last night, but by the time i got to her house, i found her fast asleep on the sofa. i felt bad for waking her up. we ended up just ordering in and eating at her place. watching a tv edited version of clerks.
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