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as one friend appears another dissappears. marco, what's the deal?

school and work is mostly what consisted of my week last week.

i talked to manny about the idea of me going to university. i didn't think it was really a possibility, but after talking to her i've started looking at a few i'm interested in. kudos to manny.

caught up with craig. we've got some interesting theories in the mix. the ones concerning me however, didn't turn out to be true. but i'm glad yours worked out.

hung out with paige, went to the carnival that was in town. i won her the coolest prize probably ever in the history of carnivals - a honeybee. haha, how awesome is that? we also rode in bumper cars. you think she's a crazy driver now, wait til you're actually encouraged to hit people with cars. rode the ferris wheel too. maybe that wasn't the best idea. totally awkward. when it stopped, we were at the top. i almost thought she was going to make a move. it seemed like the ride was never going to start again. not like she's not gorgeous or anything. but i'm just not interested. after we rode some rides, we ate classic carnival food. it was funnel cakes for me. i just love the smell of them, it makes me happy.

took ellie out to a dinner that was never eaten. i decided i was going to do something nice for her, other than just ordering pizza or chinese food like we usually do. it was going good, we even dressed up and everything. i thought the that the timing was right and i began to tell her that i care for her. which was the whole reason i planned this whole thing, but the words "we can't be anything more than friends." i guess it's a good think that i didn't tell her how much i care for her.
it's not like there was just one kiss to never be thought of again. it happened more than once, but i guess it meant nothing to her.
she practically ran to the door. it's good to know i can ruin something that fast, before the food even came out. pathetic.
and then she tells me not to be mad at her. and that she has to try and work things out with seth. that "i wouldn't understand." i don't think i've ever felt so stupid. god, just thinking about it again makes me upset. not upset, but frustrated.
seth? seriously? the guy can't even call you back after like what, 3 weeks? and he's 19? supposed to be the mature one. i've been watching over you the past weeks, i mean, i'm not making it up, you even thanked me for it.
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