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i can't really say i remembered what i did last week.

i know i went to the dot with paige, for some coffee. we hung out, and talked. the normal thing. we're also making a little senior trip of our own. we've planned on going to florida. i've always wanted to go there. disney world, beaches, how can you go wrong with that? craig's thinking about going, too. i mean, would you rather go on degrassi's lame senior trip for camping or go to sunny florida? pine trees, or palm trees? c'mon, seriously.

i also remember going over craig's, and hanging out in the garage. just catching up, stuff like that. he was messing with his guitar as always. you've got some crazy ideas, man.

i went and visited ellie at work yesterday for a while. even got the hook up on ice cream, too bad it was my first and last. i was downtown, doing some shopping for my mom's birthday, which is next weekend. a while later, after she got off work, we met up at the dot and had some chili cheese fries.

now i'm just finishing up some hw before i fall asleep....
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