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MI Update

Man, i've been so busy lately, that this is the only way i can update my journal. luckily, the bell doesn't ring for a while. With work and school and having a social life, this whole "LJ" thing might take more concentration than i thought.

i've been working non-stop. winter is actually one of the busiest seasons at the dot. our expresso machine is always running, and all the kids always get hot cocoa. aparently we're having a few different types of cocoa for the holiday season. so come on by and try one, or all of them out. candy cane, mexican hot chocolate (with a pinch of cinnamon), and white hot chocolate. ok, enough advertising. what's bad about the holiday season at the dot is contantly going around, refilling coffee and them sometimes spilling it on me. specially those kids and that hot cocoa. craig, you better watch ang.

School sucks. what's new? kwan's giving us a book a month to read. not so bad, but they're like 400 pages. luckily, i have a good study buddy named sparknotes.com. it's a weird name yeah, but i'm going to pass and that's all that matters.

Manny and I are going ice skating soon. so we'll see how that goes. hopefully i won't get bruised or sore, because i know i'm going to fall a lot.

and i'm supposed to meet up with seth. hang out. do something. still need to talk to him about that.

if i'm off of work some time this week, someone should give me a call and we'll go hang out.

bell's going to riiiing!

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